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Pure Deliciousness Pack

Pure Deliciousness Pack


Pure Deliciousness

Purity of fruit and finesse is what we strive for in our wines and after introducing the 2018 Giant Steps Ocarina Chardonnay and the 2018 Giant Steps LDR Pinot Noir Syrah to our Cellar door team over the last week, we believe these wine are exactly that!  Simply “deliciousness personified”. 
With the Ocarina Chardonnay, we have been dabbling with fermenting in clay for a few years now.  Nothing new there, that technology goes back a few thousand years, but as a vessel for fermenting Yarra Chardonnay it’s been so exciting. While the fermentation “kinetics” of a micro-porous egg shaped vessel are amazing for wild ferments, the purity and simple flavours of unencumbered Chardonnay are very exciting.
As for the LDR it is 51% Pinot Noir + 49% Shiraz, co fermented in small open vats with lots of whole bunches and a short settling time in large oak it’s just so drinkable and delightful.
We have decided to make things simple, a mixed 6 pack of these two wines for $245.00

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