Giant Steps Yarra Valley

Steve Flamsteed - Gourmet Traveller Wine Winemaker of the Year 2016

“Steve Flamsteed is a man of many talents with a finely tuned palate, an instinctive flair for winemaking and
fastidious attention to detail. This shows particularly in the stunning single-vineyard chardonnays and pinots
of Giant Steps: distinctive wines that reflect their sites and glow with impeccable finesse,” chairman of judges,

“Winemakers cannot enter or be nominated for the Winemaker of the Year awards,” explained Gourmet Traveller
WINE editor JUDY SARRIS, “but must be selected by our panel of judges. This year, Steve Flamsteed well and truly
impressed them with his stellar wines.”

“It’s Steve Flamsteed’s work at Giant Steps that is his ultimate triumph,” said judge MIKE BENNIE. “Across the board,
the 2015 wines are, well, giant killers.”